Grade: Elementary

#2946. Dictionary Skills

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Sep 28 20:36:40 PDT 2003 by Stephanie Eickman (
Roan Forest Elementary, San Antonio, United States
Materials Required: index cards
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Dictionary Skills

Dictionary Skills
Grade 2

Objective: Use resources such as dictionaries and glossaries correctly to build word meaning and to learn all uses of their references. Use alphabetical order to locate information.

Materials: Index cards with words written on them for each group to put in ABC order, Grammar and Writing Handbook, Language Arts Books.


1. Play word spelling game with students
2. Pose question--Why do we use the dictionary?
3. Introduce study skills of using dictionary using grammar books
4. Review ABC order and introduce to the 2nd letter if needed.
5. Have each group work together to put their index card words in ABC order

Evaluation: Make sure that children know reasons for using the dictionary. Watch Groups to make sure they understand how to put a list in ABC order.