Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#2948. Doubling Numbers

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Sep 28 20:52:43 PDT 2003 by Stephanie Eickman (
Roan Forest Elementary, San Antonio, United States
Materials Required: Two of Everything, by Lily Toyhong; Magic Pot items; chart paper; interlocking cubes;
Activity Time: 2 days (45 minute lessons each)
Concepts Taught: doubling numbers

2nd Grade
Doubling Numbers


1. Concept Objectives
a. Student will be able to investigate doubling numbers
b. Student will be able to record strategies for doubling numbers.

2. Skill Objectives
a. Investigate
b. Record


1. Two of Everything, by Lily Toyhong
2. Magic Pot items (dime, box of markers, bag containing 6-8 cubes)
3. chart paper
4. interlocking cubes
5. construction paper (light colored), markers/crayons

Key Vocabulary:

1. doubling


1. Teacher reads Two of Everything.
2. Teacher uses questioning strategies to pull students into lesson. Teacher provides examples to students. Teacher changes data to encourage higher level thinking based on student response.
3. Students create a number sentence to represent data.
4. Students make a class book of riddles about the magic pot.
5. Students may choose to work on book during choice time.


1. Teacher observation