Grade: Pre-School

#295. A Trip to Hawaii

Social Studies, level: Pre-School
Posted by Asante Wilkins (
Jenkintown Day Nursery School, Phila.Pa.
Materials Required: cardboard, rubber bands, cayrons, construction paper and ingrain. for hawaii food.
Activity Time: a week
Concepts Taught: teaching young children about other cultures

Each day have the children do something to plan for their trip to hawaii example: Mon. use the cardboard to make sun glasses, Tues. use the construction paper to make necklaces for the trip, etc... on Fri. have a cooking activity for the children. Invite parents to help on Friday.
Have a story about the country for each day, have pictures of the peoiple and special places in the country and if you can have a map of the conutry and have music for the children to listen too.