Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#2952. Butterfly Glyph

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Oct 9 18:37:26 PDT 2003 by Barb Hinkins (
Mont Albert Primary School, Melbourne, Australia
Materials Required: Blackline masters of a butterfly and a leaf
Activity Time: 45-50 mins
Concepts Taught: Families, butterflies

Butterfly Glyph (I used a simple butterfly shape for the glyph and a leaf shape for the questions.)
Orange = I am six years old.
Yellow = I am seven years old.

Number of stripes on body show month of birth.

Large circle on top wing = I am a boy.
Large triangle on top wing = I am a girl.

Number of spots on lower wing shows number of people in family.

Colour of wings:
Orange = I like reading activities. Red = I like P.E.
Yellow = I like maths. Purple = I like art.
Blue = I like music. Green = I like Italian.

Blue = I like the Blue Morpho butterfly.
Orange = I like the Monarch butterfly.
Green = I like the Queen Alexandra's Birdwing butterfly.

When the glyph was finished, my class made up questions to display with their butterflies. Our heading/title was printed using "butterfly chromosome" font (see