Grade: Senior
Subject: Phys Ed

#2954. Fitness- Body Composition

Phys Ed, level: Senior
Posted Tue Oct 14 09:54:17 PDT 2003 by Michael Bartolotti (
Lake Shore Central, Angola, NY USA
Materials Required: Body Fat % scale, frisbees, jerseys
Activity Time: 85 minutes- Block schedule
Concepts Taught: Body types, Body Fat%, Interval training, Ultimate frisbee.

Fitness Lesson- Body Composition


SWBAT list and define the 3 basic body types.
SWBAT execute the basic fundamentals in an interval training warm-up.
SWBAT measure their own body fat %.
SWBAT execute basic techniques involved in a game of ultimate frisbee.

Anticipatory Set

Students will be asked if they have ever watched the television sitcom "Seinfeld". This will lead into a discussion regarding the three male characters and how each falls into one of the basic body type categories. George would be considered an endomorph, Kramer an ectomorph, and Jerry a mesomorph. The qualities could then be described for each and the students will be made aware that these qualities are mainly hereditary.

Aerobic warm-up

Students will partake in the following interval-training warm-up to increase their body temperature and prepare for exercise: (all times listed are in seconds)

Walk 30, jog 30, walk 30, pushups 30, walk 30, high knees 30, walk 30, grapevine 30, walk 30, sit-ups 30, walk 30, invisible chair 30, walk 30, lunges 30, walk 30, jog 30, walk 30, step-ups 30, walk 30, sprint 30, walk 30, jumping jacks 30, walk 30, arm circles 30, walk 30.

Activity/Testing Station

Students will participate in a game of ultimate frisbee and be called up individually during the game to get their body fat % calculated on the scale. The emphasis of this game will be highly aerobic in nature to help promote a healthy lifestyle and allow students to understand the relationship between body fat % and activity levels. Ultimate frisbee is a game where two teams are attempting to successfully pass the frisbee to their teammates beyond the established goal line. If a pass is dropped, the opponent takes over possession on that spot. The person with the frisbee has 5 seconds to attempt a pass and must remain stationary.


Brief discussion to review main concepts of lesson and make students aware of the importance of maintaining high levels of fitness and low body fat %.