Grade: Senior
Subject: Literature

#2956. Possible Projects -- The Crucible

Literature, level: Senior
Posted Thu Oct 16 16:34:26 PDT 2003 by Erin Patrascu (
Bluffton College, Bluffton, OH USA
Activity Time: allow 1 month for kids to think about

While you are reading this play, be thinking about various different things you could do to expand your understanding of what is going on. That is, apply what we have talked about in class into your projects. Dont be afraid to be creative
Here are some suggestions to choose from, but I will not limit you to just these. If you think of something you would like to do (instead of these below), be sure you tell me about it first. However, if I think it might take too much time to complete I will ask you to think of something else, or stick with the options below.
1. Research a topic which relates to the Salem witch trials. (If you choose this one, be sure to follow the MLA research paper format. You can find this in the Writers Inc. book in the back of the room, or come ask me.) OrK Write a reflection paper (about 3 pages long) as to why you think the Salem witch trials were such an even in the 1600s. (Think about their religious and/or moral convictionsK).
2. Watch the movies Hocus Pocus AND Practical Magic, and maybe watch Nick at Night for Bewitched. Make a Venn Diagram comparing how the witches in these movies/TV shows were treated V were they treated differently than the witches in The Crucible? (Be creative with this oneKdont just hand me a Venn Diagram on a loose leaf sheet of paper You can also choose any 2 out of the 3).
3. Write a letter from Elizabeth Proctor to her husband, John, expressing her feelings and beliefs concerning his impending execution. Use what she has said to him in Act IV, as well as what you infer from her final words, to determine the contents of the letter. Study Elizabeths lines in the play, and try to copy her style and manner of speech in your letter. Imagine that she is writing this letter to him in order to make peace with herself.
4. Create V or bring in V music which fits this play (or even a specific character of the play). Be sure to be able to explain WHY that particular song fits whichever part of the play, or character you choose (that is, you need to have evidence from the play). This explanation needs to be about 2 pages long.
5. Create a chain of events poster in which the most significant events from the play are portrayed. (Here again, let your creativity shine!)
6. Create a collage (a poster of various different objects, pictures, etc.) which depicts what you think to be the most important people, objects, events of the play. Include captions under your pictures and present your poster orally. (Look in magazines for ideas of pictures, or create your own.)
7. Get together with about 5 other classmates and film your own interpretation of a scene in the play. You must be able to explain why you picked the scene you did, and what about the scene you feel is significant to your understanding of the play.
Again, you are not limited to these ideas. But be sure to check with me first if you come up with something on your own. ** For each of your projects, you or your group will present them to the class and briefly explain why you chose that particular project, and anything I specified above.