Subject: Science

#2959. All about Pumpkins!

Science, level: Kindergarten
Posted Sun Oct 19 20:06:20 PDT 2003 by Sarah Hanny (
Plattsburgh NY
Materials Required: pumpkins, big paper, marker, charts, books
Activity Time: 2 to 3- 30min. lessons
Concepts Taught: counting, inside/outside, comparing

All About Pumpkins!

Date: mid. to late October
Grade: K-1st

Objectives: Students will:
-observe a pumpkin turn green to orange.(discuss during calendar time.
-complete a K/W/L chart via observations made during the unit.
-compare three pumpkins by weight, color, circumfrance and number of seeds.
-work in groups of five to place 10 seeds within circles that have drawn onto the large piece of paper.
-predict number of seeds in each pumpkin.
-predict weight of middle size pumpkin after weighing the largest and smallest.
-replace eyes, nose, ect. to the pumpkins that were carved by the teacher.
other related activities: make pumpkin masks (jack o'lanterns) from paper plates, make patterns with seeds, plant seeds, language-sequence pictures to how a pumpkin seed grows into a pumpkin, visit a pumpkin patch, read related stories during rest time, discuss related news, show pictures of the world's largest pumpkins.

Rationale: During this age, it is important to reinforce the one to one number relationship. This activity also allows the students to develope skills needed to work in groups.

Lesson 1: weigh pumpkins, read "The Pumpkin Patch" -compare realistic pictures to those illustrated in other books such as "Pumpkin, Pumpkin"-complete chart that compares weight and circumfrance.
Lesson 2:
1)Anticipatory Set: After the pumpkin has turned orange-ask the students what is inside the pumpkin.
2)Go back to K/W/L chart-Compare pumpkins to apples whenever possible.-What did we learn about what is inside apples.
3)Start the second chart which will be used to check predictions to how many seeds there will be in your groups pumpkin.
4)Give directions on how to work in groups-each student should have a chance to scoop out the pulp.
5)remind students that which ever group works the best together will recieve a sticker.
6)teacher carves the top off and hands a pumpkin to each group.(the tables should be set up prior to activity-including paper with circles big enough to place seeds into.
7) Students count seeds
8) Teacher counts by tens to come up with the total-have the students watch and help if they are able.
9) Complete Chart.
10) Have fun and play some music while the students are counting the seeds