Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Mathematics

#296. Marshmallow Fun Day -math

Mathematics, level: Pre-School
Posted by Elaine and Michele (
Joshua Cowell School, Manteca, California, USA
Materials Required: See each center
Activity Time: 6 centers at 10 minutes each - 30 min. video
Concepts Taught: Math- seriation, spatial relationships, patterning, number concepts,

MARSHMALLOW DAY - for the end of a winter unit.
These activities all have marshmallows as the basic material.
1,MARSHMALLOW SCULPTURES: building sculptures using miniature marshmallows and uncooked
spaghetti pasta. The pasta is easy to break to correct size. (math-geometric shapes and
visual/spatial relationships)

2.MARSHMALLOW PATTERNS using miniature colored marshmallows pattern and glue the marshmallows on paper
mitten or snowman patterns - remember just a drop of glue.(math- patterns and cassification)

3. MARSHMALLOW SNOWFLAKES-12 toothpicks and 7 miniature marshmallows. I marshmallow makes
the center-place it flat on the table. Place 6 toothpicks around the marshmallow in a circle. Top
each toothpick with a marshmallow. Now connect the outer marshmallows with a toothpick.
(math- counting, shapes, geometric design. Following directions) When left to harden - these can
be hung with string!

4. S'MORES - graham cracker 1 large cut in half.
a large marshmallow, and 1 piece of chocolate bar (I used a Hershey kiss) coffee filter and
microwave. Use coffee filter for your plate- put students name on filter. Place 1/2 graham cracker
in bottom of filter. Add marshmallow and then chocolate. Microwave for 10-20 seconds (depends
on chocolate. I let students press buttons and start oven so they are really doing the cooking.
When melted add graham cracker lid. The filter allows you to carry from the sides because
marshmallow may be hot!. ( math; number recognition, measurement. Other -really good eating!)

5.MARSHMALLOW SNOWMAN - Three large marshmallows, tube of white icing with small tip,
miniature M&M's, red licorice whip ( the skinny kind!),1 toothpick, 1 pretzel stick, 1 hershey kiss.
Place three marhmallows together with icing and toothpicks ( I always remind students to take
out toothpick before eating!) Count out M&M's ( your choice of number) Add dots of icing to
glue on candy.Break the pretzel stick in two for arms. The kiss becomes the hat and wrap the
licorace whip around neck for scarf. ( math- counting/ one on one number discrimination.
Following simple directions, Good Eating!

6.MARSHMALLOW PAINTING- using the large and small marshmallows for your brush - Spong white
tempra onto dark blue or black construction paper. Makes wonderful snow scenes. (fine arts)

7. Don't forget to drink your HOT CHOCOLATE AND MARSHMALLOWS while watching the video "The
Snowman" ! Have fun!!!!!