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#2968. To Be Decided

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Posted Thu Nov 6 09:01:31 PST 2003 by Monica (
Chicago, USA
Activity Time: Over the course of one to two weeks
Concepts Taught: Language arts, Social Science, Art, Music, Math, etc.

This is a book that has a message and multiple lessons for teachers to go by. My kids loved it and loved the fun lessons taken by this book.

This book is a perfect Halloween read for the children and wanted to share it with everyone. It's Edgar and Ellen "Rare Beasts" and the children adore it! It's about twins, who engage in ridiculous schemes designed to prank others, but their trickery always manages to get them in the end. It teaches children to use their imagination, lessons of consequences and accountability for their actions. It's a fun yet educational read! They also made bringing the book to the classroom easy. There's a teacher's guide called "A Guide for Fiendishly Clever Teachers" on their website ( which contains great topics for lesson plans: Language arts, Social Science, Art, Music, Math, etc.