Grade: Middle
Subject: Games

#297. A game to sum up the end of a book

Games, level: Middle
Posted by Holly Lovig (
Ballard Community Schools, Huxley, IA
Materials Required: Construction Paper..
Activity Time: How ever long you need it to be
Concepts Taught: To teach kids the basic idea of a book they read

First of all if you havae ever seen the game jepardy this lesson
should come easily to you. First you need to take construction paper
and make catagories like: Characters, Main Events, etc. You then need to take construction paper
and on one side put however many points you would like to on it.
Usually I use like 5,10,15,20,25. Then on the opposite side write a question.
For example: Who was the main character in the book? Do this for every catagory.
The kids love it!!