Grade: Middle
Subject: Science

#2977. Periodc Table Family Presentation

Science, level: Middle
Posted Wed Nov 19 20:52:40 PST 2003 by Amanda Martin (
Euless Jr High, Euless, TX
Materials Required: paper, map pencils
Activity Time: 2 days
Concepts Taught: Family characteristics on the periodic table

1. Break the class into 11 groups assigning each group a family of the periodic table including transisiton metela, lathanide and actinide series.
2. Explain to groups that they will be researching their family and presenting their finds to the class the next day.
3. Each group must find a creative way to describe the family characteristics to the class. The group may use: commercial, jingle, song, poem, skit, etc.
4. The information given must include:
a) family name
b) family members
c) valence eletrons
d) bonding ability
e) general family characteristics
f) location on the periodic table
SIDE NOTES: The class takes notes over the presentations and we can cover the families of the periodic table in about two days. About 20 points of the grade is creativity. I usually count the presentation as a test grade and give the class members a chance to rank the usefullness of their team mates. This prevents one student from doing all the work.