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#298. Mice are Nice 80~

other, level: Elementary
Posted by Addie Gaines (
Seneca Elementary School, Seneca, MO USA
Materials Required: depends on activity
Activity Time: varies with activity
Concepts Taught: variety

Mice are Nice 80~

Books to read:
Eeny Meeny Miney Mouse by G. Pascoe and S. Williams
Whose Mouse are You by Robert Kraus
Noisy Nora by Rosemary Wells

Hickory Dickory Dock

Quiet As A Mouse
Only one may talk at a time
So this is what I'll do
I'll listen quietly
As a little mouse
'Til all the rest are through
Sh! Sh! Sh!

Use the pattern from Eeny Meeny Miney Mouse and write your own version: Eeny meeny, miney mouse, Have you been creeping in my house? Eeny meeny miney med, have you been sleeping in my bed?

Focus on the rhyming in the story by reading it rhythmically:
Eeny meeny, miney mouse, Have you been creeping in my house? MOUSE, HOUSE (clap on rhyming words)

Focus on questions and question marks by having student write their own question for another person and send it to that person for an answer.

Make a mouse sack puppet.

Make mouse ears headband.

With Whose Mouse are You? have children use thumbprints to draw pix of each person in their family. Have them label with names or family words. Then take all the pix and place them in a graph to compare family size.

Make a survey form for the children to take home as homework Have the children ask five people if they like mice and return the homework to school. Then have each child color a graph to represent the results of their survey. Then make a class graph to show the class results of the survey. Arrange the symbols for the class graph in 5's or 10's for ease in counting.

Have students create their own mousetraps at home. My rules were: 1. Traps should be student's idea, but parents should help with cutting materials and building as necessary. 2. No real mousetraps or parts of mousetraps. 3. No real food in the traps. 4. NO REAL MICE!!!

To go with Noisy Nora have students write letters of advice to her about what she could do when she feels that she is not getting her share of the family's attention.

Make a "old radio style" portrayal of the story with different kids acting as narrator and character voices and sound effects on a cassette tape.