Grade: all
Subject: Literature

#2980. Review trivia

Literature, level: all
Posted Sun Nov 23 08:33:25 PST 2003 by Chuck Stewart (
Classroom Trivia
Anderson Collegiate, Whitby, Ontario, Canada
Materials Required: Classroom Trivia software (
Activity Time: 90 minutes
Concepts Taught: Thinking/Inquiry, analytical thinkiing, content review

Part One:
- Students are divided into groups
- Each group completes a set of multiple choice questions on the selected topic (this is applicable to ANY subject)
Part Two:
- Each group uses the computer to enter their set of questions using "Classroom Trivia" ( for a free downloadable demo)
- the teacher edits the questions
- the class competes in a network game using the questions they have created
- the students LOVE it!