Grade: Advanced
Subject: History

#2982. Chemical Element Interview

History, level: Advanced
Posted Sat Nov 29 19:53:24 PST 2003 by Maria Pehling (
Roosevelt High School, Seattle, WA. USA
Materials Required: paper, computers, interview sheet
Activity Time: Two-Three classroom times

Students interview a element. They are to interview each element by finding on the internet information about their element such as: stable isotopes, picture of the element, valence electons, how many subatomic particles, where and when it was found, its uses, compounds, and other information. Students use a rubric grade sheet to develop their ideas and make a yearbook page (8.5 x 11 inches) of their element. Then, they develop a poem, power point, rap, newspaper article, or a story to present to the rest of the class. It is a unusual way to have students develop and present their element to the rest of the class. Students using a rubric also graded each team (two per team). A good way to teach about the elements.