Grade: Elementary
Subject: Phys Ed

#2984. Halloween Fun

Phys Ed, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Nov 30 19:03:10 PST 2003 by Joe Avellino (
Canisius College, Buffalo, NY
Materials Required: Monster Mash music, cones or polyspots
Activity Time: 30-40 minutes
Concepts Taught: Body Awareness&Movement Awareness

Body Awareness
Body Actions

After the teacher describes and demonstrates, the students will be able to perform different locomotor skills.

The students will use knowledge to go in different directions using the different locomotor skills, while listening to the commands.

The students will respect the protocols and differences among peers.

The students will cooperate with the other students, while taking part in the different drills and activities.

Type of Authentic Assessment:

Poster Presentation

NYS 1a, 1b National 1, 2, 5

1. Cones
2. Monster Mash music

Episode#1- 10minutes

Introduction- Teach the different protocols for the class, such as stop, freeze. We will then practice these by having the students run in the coned area, and when the whistle is blown or stop is called, the students will have to freeze. The other protocol for this lesson will be "GRAPES". How do grapes come? In bunches, so when we say grapes the students are suppose to bunch together in the middle circle and listen for directions.

The next fun Halloween Activity is called the Monster Mash, because it is Halloween. During the music we will warm up the students by having them walk forwards, backwards, step to the side, fast and slow paced. The students will also be doing jumping jacks, twisting and turning motions following the teachers lead.

Episode#2: 15minutes

The teachers will have the students group together to go over locomotor or locomotion.
The locomotor activities will be demonstrated while the students all line up on one line facing the instructors. Each teacher will demonstrate the different locomotor activity and have the students do them from line to line across the gymnasium floor. They will be broken down and taught as follows:

Walking Marching
Skipping Running
Frog leap Bear Walk
Alligator Arms Monkey Run

After the students have done all of the above locomotor activities, they will then be brought to the circle to have instruction on the different stations. The stations will be Mummy's Mountain, Ghoul's Graveyard, Casper's Cave, Pumpkin Patch, and the Haunted House. The students will then listen to the different commands telling them how to travel and where to travel demonstrating the different locomotor activities. This may be done by calling different shirt colors, boys, girls, and travel with a partner, ECT.

Episode#3: 20minutes

Candy Tag- The class is to split into two different lines, and they both will be at the same end of the gymnasium. The two lines will be evenly spaced apart. The outside line groups together to discuss a type of candy. When they decide they get back on the line and spread out. The inside line has to take turns guessing, when the candy is guessed the students on the inside line run after the outside line to tag them. If you get caught you join that line. The game is then repeated the other way.

Monster Tag- 3 Taggers who are the monsters are to tag the trick or treaters to steal there candy. If a monster catches you, then the student has to stand and freeze while another trick or treater comes over and crawls underneath there legs to get unfrozen.

The closure is to bring the students in and talk to them about the locomotor activities, and ask them if they know what it means. Also to hand out the gifts for them for Halloween.