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#2999. Life in a Drop of Water

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Posted Wed Dec 10 18:01:59 PST 2003 by J Lee (
MEMS, Manalapan USA
Materials Required: Microscope: How to Use and Enjoy It (book) Eve and Albert Stwertka
Activity Time: 40 minute class or more
Concepts Taught: Life Science (protists & algae)

When my students investigate microscopic life, we observe samples of protists and alge using demoslides from Connecticut Valley. Number of microscopes always seem to be an issue. Observations are always exciting for students, but often times their experience lack the background information to provide them with true learning experience. I have generated a student handout to compliment the observation lab to enhance their understanding.

Email me if you would like a copy of the handouts (includes the above mentioned handout, descriptions of sample protists and algae, as well as lab diagram handout).

** Students are so fascinated with exploring and understanding the microcosmos that they often lose track of time! How great is that!