Grade: Elementary
Subject: Computer

#3004. Primary Computer & Higher Order Thinking Skills

Computer, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Dec 17 10:06:19 PST 2003 by Michelle (
Saucedo Academy, Chicago, IL
Materials Required: Kid Pix program, The Three Little Pigs (any version)
Activity Time: 40 minutes
Concepts Taught: computer skills, higher order thinking skills

Read any version of The Three Little Pigs to the class. Ask students what events in their own lives does the story remind them of (making inferences, evaluating the story). Ask students to think of a setting that is different from the one that the author wrote about and how would that change the story. (hypothesizing, evaluating). For example, think about what would have happened had the story taken place in the desert, a Native American village, an Eskimo igloo or a tropical island. Then have students draw their setting using Kid Pix.