Grade: all
Subject: Music

#3005. Compose & Play

Music, level: all
Posted Wed Dec 24 22:48:36 PST 2003 by Naftali Lahav (
Compose & Play [The Link]
Studio for Guitar, Kibbutz Mizra Israel
Materials Required: Program: Compose & Play
Activity Time: 12 Min each day
Concepts Taught: Learn to play guitar's notes in creative way

Learn to play guitar's notes in a creative and enjoyable way.
"Compose & Play" developed for beginners, as notes is always the hardest part.

Each string has a composing board.
First, compose a short pieces using drag & drop, then you can hear/play/print it.
Just pull down the notes onto the staff . . . listen how it should sound and play it all by yourself.
If you like what you have written. . . print it out.
This way you can have short pieces composed by you!

For full studding guitar course, please refer to Play Guitar.
Our "Composing & Play" boards are developed accordingly to Play Guitar concept.