Subject: Literature

#3011. The Mitten lesson plan - Jan Brett

Literature, level: Kindergarten
Posted Wed Jan 7 19:21:25 PST 2004 by Janet Lowe (
teacher, usa
Materials Required: The Mitten book, animal pictures, hand-drawn mitten outlines
Activity Time: 45 min
Concepts Taught: sequencing, writing, listening, art

To prepare, go to Jan Brett's website and print out pictures of the animals from the story. Read "The Mitten" aloud. Pass out the animal pictures and have the children sequence from memory the order in which the animals entered the mitten. If you want, you can make 2 large mittens from construction paper (staple them together and leave a pocket at the top.) Have volunteers put the animal pictures inside the mitten in the right order. Give each child a paper with a blank mitten outline. Have them decorate it and cut it out. Then brainstorm a list of describing words for their mittens. Give each child another blank mitten outline with the words "My mitten is________." Have them use describing words to complete the sentence. Have them cut out this mitten as well. Attach each child's 2 mittens using yarn. Hang on bulletin board or around the room.