Grade: all
Subject: History


History, level: all
Posted Mon Jan 12 10:20:55 PST 2004 by Kristen Holloway (
McLane Middle School, Brandon, FL
Materials Required: paper
Activity Time: varied
Concepts Taught: Use for any

Students will review for any subject by playing "Review Baseball."
Designate the various bases in your classroom by taping signs to the floor or wall. Use a review sheet of the material covered.
Before class, write a multiple choice question with 4-5 answers. (I many times will actually use questions from the test) Seperate each class into 2 teams, creating a batting order, and a captain.
Each captain will choose a number to determine who goes first.
The first team's batter steps up to the plate and selects his question.
Singles are easiest and give the most answer choices, Doubles, triples, and homeruns in that order.
If a student answers the question correctly, they advance that many bases. Students may only advance to the next base if there is a person who would be moving to that base. (for example, if someone is on 2nd, and the person at bat answers a single, they would not move, but if they answered a double, they would advance to third.)
An incorrect answer is an out, and each team has 3 outs before the next team is up. (Or going through their entire team)
Once students have played the game several times, they can as a team write their own questions and answers and "pitch" themselves.
(you can also use this to control talking and shout-outs by penalizing with outs, or extra bases)