Grade: 3-5

#3018. Narrative Story Writing a Summary

Reading/Writing, level: 3-5
Posted Tue Oct 18 18:38:16 PDT 2011 by Shannon Koshak (Shannon Koshak).
Pueblo West Elementary, Pueblo, Unites States
Materials Required: Step Up to Writing story outline
Activity Time: 10-15 minutes
Concepts Taught: Step Up to Writing

Motivation/Anticipatory Set: We will begin by talking about how every good story has a beginning, middle, and an end. I will ask them to all think back to a story they have recently read and in their head, have them think about what happened in the beginning, what happened in the middle, and what happened in the end.

Pre-Assessment/Activating Background Knowledge: I will ask the students how many of them have written a story for either a class assignment, or just for fun. After taking responses, I will then explain to them that to write a good story, they must first plan it out.

Teacher Input, Modeling, & Checking for Understanding: On my board, I will have a blown up outline of how a story outline should look. In the smaller left hand column, the students will place the pictures from the beginning, middle, and end of the story. In the larger right hand column, they will write words or phrases to explain what is happening. I have already printed out the pictures and the words or phrases, so they will only need to place them in the correct places. Our outline will be based on the story we just read in reading. This activity will help them complete a summary on the story. I will call on students using popsicle sticks so that it is fair.

Guided Practice: I will first call a student up to find the picture of the event that happened in the beginning and ask them to place it in the correct spot on the outline. Once they have done that, I will then call another student to place the correct word or phrases in the beginning box in the order that the events took place. We will continue this process through the middle of the story and the end of the story.

Independent Practice: Using the outline that we have completed as a class, the students will now complete a summary of their story.

Closure: We will end the lesson by reviewing the main components of reading and writing a story. The students should reply by saying a beginning, middle