Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#3020. The Haunted Pronoun House

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Jan 12 18:53:48 PST 2004 by Cathy Helms (
St. Alban Roe Catholic School, Wildwood, Missouri
Materials Required: Poster board, stickers, markers
Activity Time: 45 minutes or less
Concepts Taught: Types of Pronouns

A creative pronoun study guide
Have each child supply a poster board. They draw a huge haunted house. Divide the house into 5 rooms. Each room will represent one of the 5 types of pronouns, singular, plural, subject, object, and possessive. Each room is titled, and the pronouns are listed in the appropriate rooms. After the student is finished adding all the pronouns, now they can decorate with stickers and/or use their own creative drawings. They take the poster home to use a study guide.