Grade: Middle
Subject: History

#3027. Sources

History, level: Middle
Posted Mon Jan 19 03:23:44 PST 2004 by Shauna ().
Weston Primary, England
Materials Required: 6 items from home (eg - a reciept, a nail varnish, a crisp packet, an empty fish food packet)
Activity Time: 1 hour
Concepts Taught: What we can tell/what we can suspect

1. Produce each item, one by one from a carrier bag
2. If you produced a receipt, get class to brainstorm what it tells us about that person.
3. When everything like that is done, then make another brainstorm for each one about what you can suspect, eg - a bottle of nail varnish; it might be a woman (but as one chap in my Year 7 class said; its a bloke who 'ad a girlfriend and he chucked her out)
4. When all that is finished, get them to write a deduction about what the person might be like.
(eg: what they wear, who they are...)

What 5 items would you put in a time capsule? Why?