Grade: Middle
Subject: History

#3029. The American Presidents

History, level: Middle
Posted Mon Jan 19 14:27:53 PST 2004 by Andy Barton (
University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, Johnstown, Pa
Materials Required: crossword puzzle, powerpoint, worksheets
Activity Time: 50 min
Concepts Taught: Students will learn important facts about the American Presidents

Teacher: A. Barton Date: 1/13/04
Class: U.S. History Grade Level: 8
Unit: The American Presidents Lesson: Test Review of American Presidents
PA Academic Standards:
8.3.9 A- Identify and analyze the political and cultural contributions of individuals and groups to United States history from 1787 to 1914.
• Political Leaders
• Military Leaders (example: Ulysses S. Grant, Andrew Jackson, Washington)

8.3.9 B- Identify and analyze primary documents, material artifacts and historic sites important to United States history from 1787-1914.
• Historic Places (Monticello, Mount Vernon)

8.8.12 A- Identify and evaluate the political and cultural contributions of individuals and groups to United States history from 1890 to present.
• Political Leaders (Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, etc.)
• Military Leaders (Eisenhower)

Goal of Lesson:
To ensure that the students have a firm understanding of the major contributions and defining characteristics of the American Presidents.

Students: pencil, notebooks
Teacher: crossword puzzle, crossword puzzle question sheet, chalk, Powerpoint disk, sequential order Presidential worksheet, answer key for crossword/ sequential worksheets, attendance sheet, pen, extra pencils, extra paper

Clerical/Administrative Tasks:
1) Prepare worksheets/answer keys prior to class
2) Take roll
3) Review test format
4) Conduct Q & A review session
5) Assemble groups and provide instruction for group work
6) Review group Activity
7) Go over influential president question

Instructional Objectives:
• TSWBAT recall from memory major contributions and defining characteristics of American presidents in order to complete the crossword puzzle.
• TSWBAT demonstrate that he/she can chronologically order presidential terms by completing the sequential worksheet.
• TSWBAT answer questions directed towards them in order to demonstrate knowledge of individual presidential accomplishments.
• TSWBAT work cooperatively and productively in groups to complete the assigned worksheets.
• TSWBAT name the president that he/she views as most influential and provide at least three reasons for this belief.

The test on all 43 American presidents will be given tomorrow, therefore I believe that it will be in your best interest to pay careful attention to today's review and ask any questions that you may have concerning the material.
Transition: To begin, I would like each of you to list on a blank piece of paper, the president you believe was most influential in forming the country in which we live in today and give at least three reasons for your belief. When finished, please open your notebooks to a blank page to let me know that you are done.

Developmental Activities:
• Ask students to list most influential president and give three reasons for their belief. (5 minutes)
Transition: By the way it looks everyone has completed the assigned task. On your blank piece of paper I would like for each of you to copy down the test format from the board and then we will discuss it
• Discuss test format (5 minutes)
Transition: Now that you know how the test will be set up, why don't we discuss what questions may be on it. You may want to take notes as we review and make sure to ask questions, this will be your last chance.
• After Discussing test format, a Q & A session will be conducted in which students will be called on randomly. The teacher will provide the name of a president and call on students to describe contributions that the president made. The teacher will then add on any relevant information that the students may have failed to mention. (20 minutes)
Transition: Does anyone have any questions before our next review exercise? First I am going to review the directions for your worksheets and then I will break you into groups of three.
• Students will be broken into groups of three in which they will be required to work together to answer questions on the American presidents worksheet. When completed, the teacher will review the answers with them. (15 minutes)
Transition: Now that I believe you are prepared for the upcoming test, we will discuss your answers to the question at the beginning of the class. Please get your answers out, feel free to add anything that you may have forgotten to include. Ask any questions that you may have now, it will be your last chance.
• Students discuss answers to the "influential president" question with the teacher. (5-15 minutes) this also will serve at the if time permits activity
• 60 seconds before the bell, review sheets on the order of presidential terms will be handed out for homework. This will allow students to gain an understanding of which president served during which time period

• Ensure all students are actively involved in Q & A and evaluate answers.
• Ensure that assigned group worksheets are completed to satisfaction
• Evaluate responses to "most influential president" questions and check for correct and reasonable answers.

The students will be asked to discuss their "most influential president" points with the rest of the class. This will double as the "if time permits" activity. Students will discuss why they chose the president that they did and list his contributions. This will also serve as a review technique. Individual students will be called on to share until 60 seconds before the bell. Additional presidential term worksheet will be provided for review of sequence of office holdings.

Accommodations/Adaptations for students with special needs:
• Have the student sit in the front of the room next to students who will be a positive role model for him/her.
• Form small groups of three for group exercise, not large distracting ones.
• Clearly verbalize directions as will as make them highly visible on the worksheets
• Close blinds to minimize distractions
• Have an assignment notebook that must be presented at the end of class with parental signature from previous day's assignments as well as assignments for the present day.