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#3035. Quick & Easy Blogging with Students

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Posted Fri Oct 21 20:07:40 PDT 2011 by Jeff Dionne (Jeff Dionne).
Quick & Easy Blogging with Students
Showa Women's University Jr/Sr High School, Tokyo, Japan
Materials Required: 1 internet-connected computer per student, membership to blogging platform (I use PikiFriends)
Activity Time: various
Concepts Taught: To give students opportunities to communicate opinions and supporting reasons in English, in an auth

(See link for best explanation with pictures of teacher/student writing.)
1 – Before class I wrote 3 blogs on my profile page on PikiFriends. Each blog is asking for opinions about something related to the studentsf lives.
2 – During class I asked students to write 1 comment for each blog (3 comments total).
3 – I read their comments as they entered them from my computer. Occasionally I added a comment to help the flow of the econversation.f If the comments were inadequate (gI donft like it.h) or didnft sufficiently answer the question with supporting reasons, I erased them and asked for a rewrite. Erasing comments can be done with 1 click of the trash can icon.
4 – When some students finished early, I asked them to continue a previous assignment on PikiFriends which I will write about in a separate post soon. It has to do with answering contest questions on PikiFriendsf gContest Page.h

Bonus benefit: After class, while we were sleeping in Japan, a PikiFriends member from America commented on each blog, offering her perspective on the issues. I hope to see more comments like this soon. This is the beauty of using an online community, and something you canft accomplish with traditional methods!