Grade: Elementary
Subject: Phys Ed

#3040. Car lot

Phys Ed, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Jan 26 13:26:36 PST 2004 by heather (
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Materials Required: nothing!
Activity Time: as much as wanted
Concepts Taught: tag

Choose one person to be the salesman or "it." He/she stands in the middle of the gym. Depending on class size, select two or three types of cars given by the students. All choose which one they want to be out of the two or three choices. The salesman calls out a car. The children run to the other side without being tagged by the salesman. If they are tagged, they sit down in that spot and become a "dead car" but can tag other people by scooting around on their bottoms (this way they do not get antsy sitting there while others run). The salesman can also shout "carlot" and all cars have to go to the other side of the gym. After salesman has gotten most or all of the cars, select a new salesman and three new cars.
Grades K-6th LOVE this game. They want to play it every week and never seem to get bored of it.