Grade: Senior
Subject: History

#3041. The American Civil War Conflict Begins

History, level: Senior
Posted Mon Jan 26 16:49:11 PST 2004 by Jason Kamler (
University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, Johnstown, PA
Materials Required: worksheet on lesson, PowerPoint on "Faces of the Beginning of the Conflict"
Activity Time: 40 minutes
Concepts Taught: The American Civil War

Teacher J. Kamler Date November 21, 2003
Class 10th Grade History Grade Level 10
Unit The American Civil War Lesson The Conflict Begins
PA Academic Standards
8.1.9.B Analyze and interpret historical sources
8.3.9.A Identify and analyze the political and cultural contributions of individuals and groups to United
States history from 1787 to 1914.
8.3.9.C Analyze how continuity and change has influenced United States history from 1787 to 1914

Goal of this lesson: To give the students a feel for the people behind the American Civil War and the beginning of the conflict.

• textbook
• notebook/ binder
• writing utensil

Clerical/Administrative Tasks
• Take roll
• Draft questions for the lesson
• Draft answer keys for questions during lesson and homework
• Draft teaching notes for lesson and develop PowerPoint on "Faces".

Instructional Objectives
• TSWBAT analyze pictures that show the faces of the Civil War.
• TSWBAT discuss some of the reasons the Confederate and Union soldier fought.
• TSWBAT explain the motives behind moves made by both the U.S. and the C.S.A.

Begin the PowerPoint presentation on the faces of the early Civil War (Engage). As each slide is shown, ask questions (from the question sheet included) about what the slide is, and its significance. In this way, the students will be asked to analyze each slide and to discuss what they know about each (Explore). This will be used to help move into the lecture material for the lesson (Approx. 14 minutes).

Developmental Activities
I will begin the lesson by discussing the information on the lecture handout detailing the beginning of the Civil War, starting with events after the Confederate attack on Fort Sumter. I will talk about how each country prepared for war, and the moves each made to become battle-ready. This will culminate with the creation of the Army of the Potomac for the Union, and the Army of the Shenandoah for the Confederacy (Approx. 12 minutes). I will then move on to describe the events leading up to the First Battle of Bull Run. I will discuss with the students how Union Gen. Irvin McDowell was pressured into making an invasion of the South, and how the Confederates were less than ready to defend their territory. I will then go on to describe the battle in detail, asking questions from the question sheet when appropriate. Finally, I will explain to the students how the Southern victory at Manassas ended all hope for a quick Northern victory, and plunged the nation into a bloody war that would last for 4 more years (Explain) (Approx. 12 minutes).
If time permits, I will allow the students to work on the questions at the end of the lesson, which will be due for the next class period.

My evaluation will be based on answers to questions throughout the lesson (Elaborate), and questions assigned for homework. I will ask them to complete the four questions at the end of Lesson 1 for tomorrow's class, and to be ready to discuss their answers with their classmates (Evaluate).

I will ask the students a few quick questions to summarize the material we just went over in class (also included on the question sheet) (Approx. 2 minutes).