Grade: 3-5
Subject: History

#3045. Explorers iMovie

History, level: 3-5
Posted Thu Jan 28 08:27:34 PST 2010 by Lindsay Joseph (Lindsay Joseph).
SRP, Palatine, IL
Materials Required: Apple computers, video cameras, library books for research, online examples
Activity Time: 45 min for 2 to 3 weeks
Concepts Taught: Early Explorers

1. Introduce different explorers to class.
2. Have students rate their preference of explorer to research.
3. Divide students into groups and using a note outline, have them research about their explorers' childhood, family, funding for exploration, journey, discovery, and impact.
4. With groups, student write a script to incorporate this information. (Such as a news broadcast to interview the explorer).
5. Students rehearse, create props, and make storyboards of their production.
6. Using video cameras, students tape their movie.
7. Finally, students edit the videos using imovie to add sound, text, transitions, and effects.
8. To conclude, have a viewing celebration of all the videos.