Grade: Senior

#3059. Great Lessons for American & World History, Government, etc.

Social Studies, level: Senior
Posted Sat Oct 29 06:49:45 PDT 2011 by LCUSA (LCUSA).
700+ Creative Reproducible Social Studies Lessons Plans & Lessons. Grades 7-12.
Learning Center USA, Scio, NY
Materials Required: Any basic US History, World History, Government, or other Textbook
Activity Time: 1-2 class periods per lesson
Concepts Taught: Learning by doing. Challenge students as individuals, small groups, & entire class

Learning Center uSA offers over 700 creative reproducible social studies lessons.

150 Lessons on American History (12-part series)
45 Lessons on Recent American History (3-part series)
150 Lessons on World History (12-part series)
45 Lessons on Recent World History (3-part series)
105 Lessons on American Government (7-part series)
75 Lessons on Latin America (5-part series)
75 Lessons on Asia (5-part series)
75 Lessons on Africa (5-part series)

Learning Center USA was established in 1973 to provide social studies teachers with lessons which make it easier and more enjoyable for them to teach and their students to learn. Since the beginning, LCUSA's only product line has been high-interest reproducible social studies activities.
Learning Center USA's aim has always been to create activities which students love to do as individuals, in small groups, or with the entire class. A typical lesson has 3 to 5 activity sheets on blackline masters. It is quick and easy to make copies for class members. Lesson plans and answer keys are included. Teachers no longer have to write their own creative activities, but instead can focus on their many other professional responsibilities.
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