Grade: Middle
Subject: Art

#3065. CraftStick Lamp

Art, level: Middle
Posted Wed Nov 9 08:42:45 PST 2011 by J Campbell (J Campbell).
Craft Stick Lamp
Materials Required: craft sticks
Activity Time: 45 mins
Concepts Taught: Design

This is a great design project for older students. Craft sticks are inexpensive and easy to use for building projects. Their rectangle shapes mimics that of wood. Students love making projects they can use and show off. An cheaper alternative to a light kit is using LED lights.

Material Needed:
Gather together craft sticks and glue, a base such as wood or let the students create their own base with the craft sticks. You will also need a drill and chisel if using a base with light kit.

Create a design using the craft sticks using glue to hold the sticks together. Attach the light kit or just set an LED light inside the design. For more information see link.