Grade: Middle
Subject: Computer

#3066. Planning a Trip from Vancouver BC

Computer, level: Middle
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WPGA, Vancouver, Canada
Materials Required: Internet connection
Activity Time: 1 hour
Concepts Taught: searching the internet

Planning a Trip from Vancouver BC

You are going to plan a weekend car trip to Seattle Washington! Leave Friday afternoon, arrive back Sunday afternoon. (2 days)


Renting a car: Go to

Which type of car do you want to rent? ___________________________

How much will it cost each day? _____________________________

You are leaving for 2 days. How much will the car cost you (total)?_________________
(START--- Programs--- Accessories--- calculator)

How many kilometers are included with this price? ___________________________

How many kilometers is it to Seattle? To find out, go to
Go to "Driving Directions". Start at Vancouver, BC and end at Seattle, WA

This will give you detailed directions and maps. How many miles is it?_____________

How many kilometers is it?__________________
*Convert the miles to kilometers by typing "miles to kilometers' into the Google search engine (the 3rd result works well)

How much will the car rental place charge you (per km) for extra kilometers? _________

How much are you going to pay $ for using extra kilometers for the entire trip?________
(There is a calculator if you go to START--- Programs--- Accessories. Multiply the charge for extra kilometers by the amount of kilometers that are not included with the car rental. eg. 0.12 x 50)

approximate TOTAL cost of the car plus cost of extra kilometers:________________

Next, check the border lineups. Go to
We are going through the Peace Arch border. Check approximate border wait times.

Check the weather: go to

What is the current temperature in Seattle?_______________

What is the long range forecast for Saturday and Sunday?__________________

Go to

Find a hotel or motel that you want to stay at in Seattle.

Which one did you choose? ___________________________

How many stars is it? ______________________

How much is it per night? ________________________

What will be the TOTAL cost of your hotel/motel (2 nights)? ___________________

Go to

Find an event that you'd like to attend in Seattle this weekend.

What is it? ______________________

How much will the tickets cost (approximately)? TOTAL: _____________________

FOOD: go to
Category is "restaurants", city is "Seattle", state is Washington

Plan your meals: Where will you eat each meal? TOTALS

Dinner Friday_______________________approx. cost of meal:___________________

Breakfast Saturday___________________approx. cost of meal:____________________

Lunch on Saturday___________________approx cost of meal:_____________________

Dinner on Saturday__________________approx. Cost of meal:_____________________

Breakfast Sunday:___________________ approx. cost of meal:____________________

Now add up the total cost for your planned trip! (MUST be under $600)

Car Rental $
Motel / Hotel Cost $
Entertainment $
Food (Total) $
Other (shopping?) $

* TOTAL: __________________
CONGRATULATIONS, You're ready to go. Don't forget your toothbrush!