Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#3069. Area. Using Hands and Feet

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Feb 17 08:48:12 PST 2004 by Matt (
Tweeddale, England
Materials Required: Squared paper (at least A4)
Activity Time: 30-45 mins

This lesson is fun and different. If you are studying area in class and the children are bored try a different type of lesson. Area hands and feet.

To play, simply get the a4 squared paper and put your hands on it. Next draw round your hand with a pencil. When done work out the area of your hand using the squares.

When you have done it wait for everyone to finish and write their results on the black/White board.

Next play the feet version. Get all the kids to take a shoe off and a sock so they have one bare foot (it wont work with socks on). Draw round the bare foot on another piece of a4 squared paper and then work out the area of your foot. Wait for everyone to finish and write the results of the feet on the board. Get everyone to copy the results in their books.

If you have time try using the other hand and foot to see how different your hands and feet are in size.