Grade: Elementary
Subject: other

#307. Various Spelling Games

other, level: Elementary
Posted by Francie Workman (
Fox Meadow Elementary, Jonesboro,AR
Materials Required: Blank index cards
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Practice Spelling through Games

When I introduce new spelling words at the beginning of each week, I expect the students to also learn the meanings. We use our dictionaries to help do this. During the week we play Spelling Concentration. I make a set of cards with a definition of a spelling word on each. I amke a set of cards with a spelling word on each. I put a number on the back of each card in each set, making sure that my numbers don't match the definition card with the word card. I stick the definition cards face down on one side of the chalkboard and the word cards face down on the other side. I have the students take turns picking a definition card. They read the card aloud. They try to identify the word for the definition and spell it. If they are correct, they may try to find the match from the word cards. I give them a small piece of candy for getting the word spelling correct and an extra piece if they find a match. If they don't find a match, the cards are put back in place and play continues. When a match is found, the cards are discarded from the board. My third graders LOVE this.