Grade: Senior
Subject: Language

#3070. Spanish-Prepositional Phrases

Language, level: Senior
Posted Wed Feb 18 10:14:34 PST 2004 by Jill Goessel (
Liberty High School, Liberty, USA
Materials Required: Prepositional Phrase poem handout, paper, pencils, vocabulary list
Activity Time: 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: Prepositional Phrases

*Objective: Students will demonstrate prepositional phrases through reciting a poem which uses hand motions.

Izquierda,(point to the left)
Derecha, (point to the right)
Delante, (point in front of you with both hands)
Detras, (point behind you with both hands)
Cerca, (hold hands close to your chest)
Lejos, (move hands out in front of your body)
y algo ms!
Arriba, (point up)
Abajo, (point down)
Enfrente, (place one hand in front of the other)
Encima, (place one hand on top of the other)
y ahora muchachos, se acab la rima!

1. Pass the poem out to the class, and have them read through it silently.
2. Read the poem to the class, inserting the motions to demonstrate each prepositional phrase.
3. Have the class practice the poem several times together.

*Assessment: Give students a list of 5-10 additional prepositional phrases, and have them create another stanza for the poem. Each group must present their stanza to the class.