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Subject: Music

#3071. Musical Mathematics

Music, level: other
Posted Wed Feb 18 17:22:12 PST 2004 by Megan Russell (
Pickens, SC
Concepts Taught: Understanding Note Values

Students will understand note values and relationships, especially dotted rhythms and tied notes by giving them a visual, hands on representation

Laminated posterboard or card stock with _+_=_
on each
Flashcards of notes of various beat values
String or pipe cleaners
Dry erase markers


1. Have a card prepared for each student as well as a few cards with note values.

2. Discuss with the students beat values for the different types of notes.

3. Have students combine notes on their card to come up with a note of a different beat value. (i.e. 1/2 note (2 beats) + 1/4 note(1 beat)= dotted half note(3 beats)

4. Use string or pipe cleaners to represent ties. (i.e. 1/4 note(1 beat) tied to 1/8 note(1/2 beat)= dotted quarter note (1 1/2 beats)

5. Have sudents write the beat values of the notes under each card.

Assessment is made based on obsevation of student understanding. Try a relay game with prepared note equations on a chalk or marker board to test the level of understanding.