Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Health

#3074. Germs

Health, level: Pre-School
Posted Sun Feb 22 10:25:17 PST 2004 by Laure (
Prek teacher, Dubuque
Materials Required: 2 balloons, cirlces from hole puncher
Activity Time: 5 minutes
Concepts Taught: health

Before hand place a handfull of paper hole punches inside of 2 balloons. Leave balloon number 1 deflated. Blow up balloon number 2 and tie shut. Explain to the children the importance of covering their mouth when they sneeze. Explain how germs can be spread when they allow the germs to come out of their mouth. Explain how when we use a tissue to cover our mouth the germs are caught in the tissue. Then demonstrate by taking the first balloon blow it up and pretend to sneeze and let the air out into the tissue. Show the children how the pretend germs, (paper circles) go into the tissue. Now take the second ballon and as you pretend to sneeze pop the ballon with a pencil. The germs will fly everywhere. My students loved this activity and asked to do it over and over. IMPORTANT! Make sure you pick up all pieces of the balloon to prevent a child from getting a piece of it.