Grade: 1-2
Subject: Phys Ed

#3077. (Rolling the ball while moving)

Phys Ed, level: 1-2
Posted Tue Feb 2 07:10:59 PST 2010 by mohammed Asim Ghazi (mohammed Asim Ghazi).
Rolling the ball while moving
Al-Anjal International School, Jeddah , saudi Arabia
Materials Required: cons - balls - Hoops - flags
Activity Time: 45 Minutes
Concepts Taught: rolls the ball while moving -know the different directions -carries on the skill require

(Rolling the ball while moving)

** Domain skill : The student rolls the ball while moving after it in all directions.
** Domain knowledge : The student know the different directions.
** Domain effective : The student carries on the skill require


A story about (traffic rules )

Warm up : the teacher holds three flag( green /yellow/ read)
When the teacher raises up the green, the students run in all directions in the playground . when the read is raised up, students stop . as for the yellow ,students run in their places. Whoever makes a mistake lose and be disqualified . . .. . ... as so on
The teacher explains the story through physical exercises for the whole body .
Acting exercises

1- Walk like an athlete (sport --actives) man suddenly running and stop
2- Stand like a dwarf then like a giant make car vices
3- Shake your head like a horse head exercises. Stand by to walk
4- Walking like policeman
5- Throw tennis balls up
********* The name of the skills ( Rolling the ball while moving )*************
The teacher or one of the skilled students performs a demo of the skill required with its different steps .

The main

* Rolling the ball while moving
The students perform games and contests directed towards during with a ball .
For example, rolling the ball to wards the wall with one , both hands, kicking the ball with part of the foot , catching the ball after bouncing of a wall and so . . .. . ... on .
The save can be done again with changing distance and speed.
*******The students distribution to groups to application skills by teacher******

Work exercises to get the body to quiet
observed during the performance
What is expect for students on the finish?
1- The students teaching how to catch the ball .
2- The student central when is running in different directions .
3- The student carries on the skill require.
Suggestions for adapting this activity for kids with disabilities
For special categories idea work by sitting in a wheelchair