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#3078. End of the day activity

other, level: all
Posted Sat Feb 28 19:40:33 PST 2004 by Scott Shirley (
Substitute teacher, Rochester, NY
Materials Required: none
Activity Time: As long as you need.
Concepts Taught: So you can hear the announcememts at theend of the day

Being a sub, it's often hard to get control of the class at the end of the day, so kids can hear the announcements and when the bus numbers are called. Here's a neat game you can play. Its called "I'm going on a campout, and I'm going to bring........." the students name things they can bring, and you tell them if they can or can't go. But....there's a trick to the game....they can't only bring thigns that start with the first letter of their name. So a girl named "Sara" can bring sleeping bags, slipeprs, staples...ect. The kids love this and if they want to hear what others can or can't bring...they have to have their voices off and listen.