Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Language

#3079. Introducing Letters

Language, level: Pre-School
Posted Tue Mar 2 07:08:27 PST 2004 by Christi Gonzales (
G. W. Hamilton Elem. , New Iberia, La.
Materials Required: Letter Boxes
Activity Time: 15 min
Concepts Taught: Letter Identification

Introduce a new letter using the song from Blue's Clues "We just got a letter, We just got a letter, we just a letter...I wonder what is is? (LETTER "L") Put together before hand a letter box that includes objects that begin with the letter sound. eg. (ladybug, lizard, lollipop) Many of these objects can be found from old games, children meal toys, hand me down toys, etc. I recently made the alphabet tubs due to the price in catalogs....about $150.00 & you only get 4 items. My tubs include 5 -20 items per box. Its a great way to introduce new vocabulary and letters into your day! ENJOY!