Grade: Elementary
Subject: other

#308. Silent Spelling-A Spelling Game

other, level: Elementary
Posted by Francie Workman (
Fox Meadow Elementary, Jonesboro,AR
Materials Required: 5 sets of 2"x2" cards with letters of alphabet- need 3 or 4 of each consonant and 3 or 4 of vowels
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Practice Spelling Words

This is a good activity for cooperative group learning. I divide the class into 5 groups. I give each group a set of the alphabet cards. I give them time to spread them out on their table. The main rule is they CANNOT TALK! Each student in each group takes turns spelling out the words. I call out a word. The student finds the letters from the cards and places them in the proper order to spell out the word. The other group members may help by only pointing. All members of the group have to have hands raised when their word is spelled out. I call on the group whose hands are first raised. The word is spelled aloud. If it is correct, I give the members of the group a small treat. Play continues until all words have been spelled.