Grade: Elementary

#3081. Dr. Seuss WORDO game

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Mar 2 13:08:43 PST 2004 by Dedra Morgan (
Ranch Heights Elementary, Bartlesville, Oklahoma USA
Materials Required: Wordo Boards; Board Markers;
Activity Time: 30 to 45 minutes or more
Concepts Taught: Rhyming, Word Attack, Phonics

First, I ran off Wordo cards, like Bingo cards, but normally they have WORDO across the top. Today, the cards had SEUSS across the top. I also had 30 to 35 little slips of paper to write down words for the game. I had found some "Cat in the Hat" cereal, and used those as the game markers (then eaten during DEAR time)
Have them find rhyming words in Dr. Seuss books. As a class, we made two lists of words. So, if the words were hop and pop, one rhyme went on the student list, one word went on the dealer list. We put about 30 words on each list. Then, each child filled in a Wordo, or SEUSS card using some of the words from the student list. I made individual word cards for DEALER with the other set. DEALER calls out, "Find the word that rhymes with. . .. . .." and someone will raise their hand and tell what that word is when they find it.
When they had five across, down or diagonal, they called out, "SEUSS!"
They thought this was really a fun game! I teach 2nd grade.