Grade: Senior
Subject: Computer

#3083. Resume Builder Worksheet

Computer, level: Senior
Posted Fri Mar 5 04:22:52 PST 2004 by Ray A. James (
Burkburnett ISD, Burkburnet, Tx
Materials Required: Outline
Activity Time: 60 minutes
Concepts Taught: Resume Builder Worksheet

Please fill-out the resume builder and cut and paste it into your word document, then save it for further use.

Resume Worksheet


First Name, Middle Name, Last Name

Position Sought (name the position that you are seeking):

Street Address, Apt. Number, City, State, Zip

Area Code, Telephone Number/Fax Number/Email Address

Year completed, Award, School's Name, City, State
Also, list pertinent course work

Special Qualifications:
Outstanding work you have done, bilingual ability, writing and artistic ability

Information about you such as health, age, height, status, and hobbies

Organizations and Awards:
Places you are a member and outstanding achievements in the community.