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#3084. Geography - Climate

Social Studies, level: all
Posted Sat Mar 6 04:55:28 PST 2004 by Chris Lenhof (
Lloyd Memorial High School, Erlanger, KY
Materials Required: Classroom materials/Climagraph
Activity Time: 55 minutes
Concepts Taught: Climates/Climate Regions

Name: Chris Lenhof Date: 11/22/2002 Lesson Length: 60 minutes
School: Lloyd High School Grade: 10 # of students: 31
Subject: Geography Topic: Climates # of IEP students: 1


By the end of the period, students will:
h Know how to analyze a climograph
h Be able to identify the differences between two different climates
h Understand how important climate is to their everyday lives

The following Kentucky Learner Goals connect to the above objectives:

1.1 Students use research tools to locate sources of information and ideas relevant to a specific need or problem. Students will use the handout provided by the teacher to understand how to read a climograph.
1.2 Students construct meaning from a variety of print materials for a variety of purposes through reading. The students will read and analyze information provided and place the information on their own climograph.
2.19 Students recognize the geographic interaction between people and their surroundings in order to make decisions and take actions that reflect responsibility for the environment. Students will identify how important a role weather and the climate play in their lives everyday.
3.7 Students demonstrate the ability to learn on one's own. Students will show their ability to learn on their own by finishing the worksheet/climograph.
4.4 Students demonstrate the ability to accept the rights and responsibilities for self and others. During the discussion session, the students will raise their hands to either ask questions or to discuss an answer to a question.
6.2 Students use what they already know to acquire new knowledge, develop new skills, or interpret new experiences. Students will use what they already know from the previous classes, and relate it to this geography lesson.

The following Core Content Standards connect to the above objectives:
SS-H-4.2.2 Physical characteristics create advantages and disadvantages for human activities in a specific place. The students will understand that the characteristic of weather and climate plays an important role in the actions of the people living in the region.

The goal of this lesson is to teach the students how to read an important instrument of geography, a climograph. This will help students understand how peoples everyday lives are effected by their weather and climate. Students will differentiate between two different places and those different places climates. Students will also discuss how people and cultures have to adjust to their climates and their weather to live easier in that environment.

h Pens/pencils
h Notebook paper
h West Palm Beach climograph handout
h Date Sheet: Climate handout (West Palm Beach/Kathmandu)
h Colored pencils
h Blank climograph handout
h Climate question worksheet

1. Ask to students to write down in their notes, the difference between weather and climate. (5)
2. The teacher will write the differences on the board. (5)
3. Ask the students to verbally give examples of precipitation. (5)
4. Hand out copies of the West Palm Beach climograph.
5. Discuss what the different parts of the climograph depict. (10)
6. Discuss where West Palm Beach is located, and what the significance of its location is. (10)
7. Distribute the data sheet for Kathmandu, and ask the students to plot the climate and the weather on the blank climograph. (10)
8. Setup examples of precipitation using students to fill up beakers of water to show rainfall for a county. (10)
h With the time remaining the students will write a paragraph coming up with the conclusions they can make about climate and lifestlye.

Student Assessment:
A major part of the assessment strategy in the lesson is the questioning during the discussion parts of the lesson. Students will also be indirectly assessed on their interpretations of the different types of climates. Being able to interpret what they are reading is vital to a students ability to understand a subject. The students conclusions about climate and lifestyle will also help them to understand how closely our lifestyle and the climate around us are associated.