Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#3086. Design and make Cents

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Mar 15 14:50:26 PST 2004 by Cathy A. (
Shaw Butte , Phoenix
Materials Required: Box, graph paper, newspapers
Activity Time: 1 week
Concepts Taught: Measurment/Budgets

Designing It Makes

Use your math skills in the real world!!

Everyone loves the idea of a chance to make their own room just like they want it. Choosing a color scheme, a bed, decorate the walls. You've seen it on television. It is your chance to take the Designing It Makes Cents Challenge. You have just been assigned to a design team, a budget, and room dimensions. You'll design room flow, agree on style, and maintain your budget. Remeber compromise and use your Design Cents.

48" X 60" Windows (2)
8' ceiling height
These dimensions should be considered as you choose your essentials for your room. Remember originally, money management, and teamwork are key components to completing this project and winning your customers' satisfaction.
Your budget will be $650.00

How To:
1. You will get with your assigned design team, and review the given dimensions, essentials, and budget for your room.
2. With your team member you will begin to look through newspaper ads and websites to gather a list of essentials and themes to choose from for your room.
3. Your team will work together to create a written proposal that describes the budge, and you will create a sketch that depicts furniture arrangement as well as overall design.
4. Upon teacher approval, your team will then develop a PowerPoint presentation that will be used to present your design plan to your competitors and potential customers.
You MUST include the following in your presentation:
Designated Audience
Budget Outline
Design Layout
Reasoning and Strategies
You may also want to consider good use of VOICE and PERSONALITY to be considered for a distinguished rating.
5. Each design team must be prepared for their presentation upon,
6. You sign ______________
Team signatures___________________
Now you are off to use your Designing It Makes Cents. Your team members must work well together in order to complete your research, planning. And presentation by your given deadline. Be creative, check out local stores, Think about things that could be used in creative ways. Remember unique style sells the best. Keep in mind your audience. Who are you making this room for? How can you meet your budge and still have a great presentation for your potential customer? Now get started, and let the smart shopping begin!