Grade: Advanced
Subject: Literature

#3087. Ayn Rand vs. Communism

Literature, level: Advanced
Posted Mon Mar 15 15:56:13 PST 2004 by Rickey A. Hill (
Joan M. Kerry Elementary School, New London, WI
Materials Required: Computer and Anthem Book
Activity Time: Two Days
Concepts Taught: Symbolism, Critical Thinking, and Essay Writting

Lesson One:
Students are to research Communism and write a one page paper supporting it and a one page paper not supporting it

Lesson Two:
Student are to research Ayn Rand and write a one page paper on her belief on Communism

Lesson Three:
Student are to swicth paper and make a venn diagram comparing and contrasting facts from each other's work.

Lesson Four: Swicth the facts of the venn diagram and tell pupils to write and out line to one of the follow prompts:

Ayn Rand vs. Communism
Communism vs. The world

Lesson Five:
Swicth Paper one more time and tell the student to write the essay using the outline