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#3090. Spelling list - Year 6

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Posted Wed Apr 21 02:56:47 PDT 2004 by Lyn Magree (
Year 6 Spelling List
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Concepts Taught: Basic Spelling

Please log on to the following web site:

The Year 6 spelling list contains over 900 words, there are too many to list here. You can download the complete list from the above website (free and you don't have to fill out any forms or register, just click on the download section).

The list comprises of THE MOST FREQUENTLY USED WORDS and form a HUGE proportion of the language, the grammar words such as of, the, as, with, also and so on, as well as frequently used vocabulary words such as carry, sit, and think. Ideally children should be able to spell all of these words by the end of elementary school. Also great for students in Year 7 who need to brush-up on their spelling.

Here's an example of some of the words you will find on the list:

able, beautiful, cause, done, education, father, government, human, instrument, job, knew, language, market, number, ocean, paragraph, question, receive, scientist, tree, upon, voice, window, year.