Grade: Elementary

#3091. The Feet Across America Club

Social Studies, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Mar 25 07:28:59 PST 2004 by Teri Daniels (
Author's Children's Literature & Enrichment Site
children's author, Merric, New York
Materials Required: a computer is helpful & writing or drawing tools
Activity Time: at your discretion
Concepts Taught: share where you live

The feet from the children's book, The Feet in the Gym, are now touring America. U.S. Teachers (K-6) who fill out the request form on the web site of author Teri Daniels will receive a free picture book, and an invitation for students to send pictures, facts, and feelings about their home states. Class submissions will be posted online at: This unique project enables children to see the 50 states through the eyes of their peers.