Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#3092. Kite Construction

Science, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Mar 27 12:10:01 PST 2004 by Steven Rand (
kite construction
Materials Required: varies
Activity Time: one period
Concepts Taught: air, weight, construction

Steven V. Rand
ELE 634
Dr. Bilquin

Constructing a Kite

Teacher Aim: To teach the children the technology of kite making.

Student Aim: The students will learn how to make a kite and why it flies.

1. By reading a story about kites
2. Making paper air planes
3. Making a kite
4. Flying their kite

1. Straws
2. Sticks
3. Paper
4. Scissors
5. Glue
6. Staple gun
7. Cellophane paper
8. Wire
9. Cloth
10. String
11. Story book
12. Hand outs

1. Read a story about different types of kites.
2. Talk to the class about how air and weight effect kites.
3. Show them a paper plane that you made and show them how it flies.
4. Have the children make a paper plane and let them fly it.
5. Have the children explain to you why their plane flew or fell to the ground.
6. Split the class into groups of four.
7. Hand out materials to each group to make their kite.
8. Show the class the kite that you made and how it looks.
9. Have each group come up with a hypothesis on weather their kite will fly or not fly.
10. Have one member write it down.
11. Tell each group they will come up with their own design to make a kite.
12. When each group has built their kite the class will go out side to see if their hypothesis was correct.

Conclusion: At the end of the lesson and when all the groups have flown their kites each group will come back to their seats and write down their results of what happened to their kite. They will also write an explanation why their hypothesis came true or failed.