Grade: Elementary
Subject: other

#3095. Family Fables, Facts, and Other True Stories

other, level: Elementary
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Cotee River Elementary, New Port Richey
Materials Required: Cassette player or video camera, computer
Concepts Taught: Interview, Write, Present

Family Fables, Facts and Other True Stories!

Grades: 3-5


Students will learn and use interviewing vocabulary.
Students will practice note-taking.
Students will sequence facts.
Students will write family facts into a story and presentation format.
Students will use the computer to prepare their family history.
Students will present their family history before their peers.

The students will prepare interview notes
They will make an interview appointment with parents and or grandparents, They will conduct the interview
They will write the story based on interview facts
They will create a presentation and present to their peers


Time frame:
Two period for preparatory lessons
Interview appointment
Three periods to write
Three periods to prepare presentation
Two periods to present to peers

Interview notebook
Still camera
Cassette recorder or digital video camera (microphone)
Access to computer with word processor and presentation software

Procedure: The students will learn about how to make an appointment and what kinds of questions to ask during an interview. They will interview their parents and or grandparents about their lives and histories and other family members. They will write up the interview and prepare a presentation. Then they will present this presentation to their classroom peers.

Assessment: evaluate student presentations and ask for a follow-up letter from parents about their expereince while being interviewed.