Grade: Elementary
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#3096. Exploring Native Americans

, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Apr 2 10:02:32 PST 2004 by Kathleen Urban (
St. Joseph's , Downers Grove, IL USA
Materials Required: Book - "Sees Behind Trees" - Michael Dorris, Colored pencils, paper. Journals/other writing paper.
Activity Time: 3-5 50 - 60 minute class periods
Concepts Taught: Reading for content, reading for fun. Learning about other cultures. Writing

Read as a group "Sees Behind Trees" by Michael Dorris. A story of Walnut a young Native American Boy that is entering manhood in the Native American tradition. Discuss in reading circles. Discuss what is alike in our culture. What is different in our culture. How Walnut felt. 2nd day of lesson. Read Native American poetry for young readers. 3rd day. Have students draw Native American scenes. Last day of lesson look up website "ironeyescody". Discuss how advertisers have used Native Americans to promote preservation of nature. You can expand or delete on this lesson as you wish.